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Whether you are just starting up a new company or you're a seasoned serial entrepreneur, discovering the 7 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make will put you on the fast track to having the competitive advantage. Imagine being able to add more value to the marketplace faster then ever before, in turn generating more profits instantly!

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The competitive advantage millionaire entrepreneurs have.
How to focus on your idea and make it come true in less time.
The two questions to ask yourself to live an amazing and abundant life.
The book that will help you succeed in business now and forever.
Why our school systems don't support the entrepreneur mindset.

7 Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

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Listeners' Responses...
"Loved the interview! Packed with valuable knowledge that I can apply right away in my business.
Thanks Mel!!"
Kent F. - Real Estate Broker
"Succinct. Powerful. Insightful. Mel is spot on with the 7 Biggest Mistakes. Hearing this is a must if you are serious about overcoming any business challenges."
BretT R. - startup entrepreneur
"Mel helped me realize that people will only value you as much as you value yourself! Thank you for helping me overcome my limiting belief and boost my value of self."
Matt Ritchey - Blue Spoke coaching


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